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Frequently asked questions

What is Pure Plunge?

Pure Plunge is a disposable, sanitary guard that is placed over your plunger before plunging. Not only is this much cleaner, but it also saves times, allowing you to simply remove the guard and keep the plunger completely clean.

Why should I use Pure Plunge?

Did you know that your toilet bowl could contain up to 77,000 different bacteria and viruses? The Pure Plunge protects your plunger from this bacteria, assuring absolute cleanliness along every step of the way.

It's simple & easy to use, but extremely effective and sanitary. How often can you say that about your plunger?

Is PurePlunge compatible with any plunger?

While the Pure Plunge could theoretically be thrown onto any plunger, it was specifically designed for plungers with a bell - which looks like an additional lip - at the bottom.

Check out our recommended plunger, available right here, to get the absolute most out of Pure Plunge.

What separates Pure Plunge from a plastic bag?

The Pure Plunge has been specially engineered to maximize the shape and size of the most effective plungers out there. Each curve of the product, designed right here by our team in Lehi, is there to effectively plunge the right way, rather than simply serving as a throwaway cover for your plunger.

Still not convinced? Check out this video for more information!

I’m a professional cleaner - can I buy in bulk?

Absolutely! We've partnered up with a variety of cleaners & supply companies to offer better rates in bulk. You can apply for a wholesale account or login to your wholesale dashboard (if you're already approved) right here!

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